What i do


I create illustrations which serve your project, needs and requirements.

I search for fresh and original ideas. I provide everything you need from first sketches to the final and polish illustration.

Whether you need something for print or digital, I adapt my work to your constrain.

Concept Art

Your project needs to be recognized right away.

Based on your briefing I look for strong and original ideas.

I mix different universes and elements to come up with a new graphic style that stands out for itself. Whether it is characters, environments or creatures, I pay particular attention to the shapes and the overall look to create a consistent universe.

I provide different iterations until you are fully satisfied. Thus together we bring your brand new world to life.

Art Direction

I help you create a strong and consistent visual direction for your project.

Whether you need to come up with the overall idea or refine the details, I support you throughout your project. I help you find the ideas and concepts suited to your needs in order to create a consistent universe.


I help you enhance your message.

I break down your story into key scenes in order to provide a visual representation of your film or animation.

I play with shooting angles, lighting, color mood and motion to serve your message.

Digital Painting

I am a chameleon so I adapt my graphic style and techniques to your needs and vision.

I paint and create graphic designs with digital tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and other software.

Traditional Tools

If you need a real painting, I also paint and draw with different traditional tools.

I am especially comfortable with acrylic, oil painting, watercolors, inks, markers and oil pastels.

Need a creative mind for your project?

Art is a highway connecting human soul to the Divine


I am Edith Scottini – Erissera – and I am passionate about art and creation.

My art is all about emotions. I truly believe that art helps us humans, to connect with the Divine. Therefore I paint and create to inspire people to connect with their own self, their real feelings and the universe.

I am driven by my emotions which I express through my paintings and my stories. I have a million ideas per second and I love spending time imagining and conceptualizing them. My aim is to bring powerful feelings and emotions to the viewer and embark them on a journey to their soul.

Joy or pain, happiness or despair, I embrace all these feelings and try to sublimate them into my creations.

The child within me is still alive and keeps me in awe with all the beauty our world provides. But also with all the great things that we – humanity – are able to create. This inner child drives me every day to keep dreaming and creating.

Besides creating, I love sharing my experience, art journey and thoughts to help others grow. I do so through a project named Highway to Art.

Get in touch

Don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss about your project and figure out how I can help you.

I will listen carefully to your vision, needs and requirements. Then, I will bring my skills and creativity at the service of your project. So, together we can bring it to life.

I am open for commissions/freelancing work as well as in-house opportunities.