I create illustrations which serve your project, needs and requirements.

I search for fresh and original ideas. I provide everything you need from first sketches to the final and polish illustration.

Whether you need something for print or digital, I adapt my work to your constrain.

Concept Art

Your project needs to be recognized right away.

Based on your briefing I look for strong and original ideas.

I mix different universes and elements to come up with a new graphic style that stands out for itself. Whether it is characters, environments or creatures, I pay particular attention to the shapes and the overall look to create a consistent universe.

I provide different iterations until you are fully satisfied. Thus together we bring your brand new world to life.

Art Direction

I help you create a strong and consistent visual direction for your project.

Whether you need to come up with the overall idea or refine the details, I support you throughout your project. I help you find the ideas and concepts suited to your needs in order to create a consistent universe.


I help you enhance your message.

I break down your story into key scenes in order to provide a visual representation of your film or animation.

I play with shooting angles, lighting, color mood and motion to serve your message.

Digital Painting

I am a chameleon so I adapt my graphic style and techniques to your needs and vision.

I paint and create graphic designs with digital tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and other software.

Traditional Tools

If you need a real painting, I also paint and draw with different traditional tools.

I am especially comfortable with acrylic, oil painting, watercolors, inks, markers and oil pastels.